What is Factory Five Five?

Our mission is to empower and embolden aspiring artists, designers, and creators bringing their imaginative visions to life. Through their own original projects, students will be guided by our highly-trained teachers to find their unique voice.
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Factory Five Five Classes

Every class we offer gives you the hands-on creative license to act, sew, or direct your ideas into whatever your heart interprets as art.


Moodboards • Design • Sewing • Fashion Shows

Theatre and Art

Plays • Musicals • Stagecraft


Avante Garde • Short Films • Special Effects


Beginner • Fine Art • Advanced

The News

Fall Program 2022

Who Do We Serve?

For both the young and the young-at-heart, FactoryFiveFive’s mission is to serve as the Aurora and Denver area’s leading destination to create, collaborate, and find community through the arts.


With novice to advanced class options, it’s never too late to start learning new skills or continue mastering techniques in the fun environment of a night out.


Innovation and inspiration are the hallmark goals of our teachers as they formulate each original class to best captivate and elevate our teens’ experience.


Fun and learning go hand-in-hand in the kids’ classes we offer to stimulate critical thinking and boost confidence in our future little leaders.

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